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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Leave Suffering Behind

happy-life-125x140Whether it's emotional or physical, I can help you recover and create vibrant health and happiness in your life   Read More

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Stage 1 Core A Shot 5 Grandma SpeaksMy Video Training classes teach you how to understand and carry out simple family constellations both locally and via Phone or Skype. Read More

Grow Healing Practices

Butterfly Thumb SquareLearn how to best market, network, and structure a spiritually based healing practice so that it grows and thrivesRead More

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What's Going On
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Family Energetics

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Wed. July 5th

"Family Energetics--
Systemic Treatment
of Layered Trauma 2"
Part 2 of my recent
ACEP Presentation


Latest Blog Article
Five Facts about Personal 
and Ancestral Trauma

Call or Write Me

It's normal for me to spend a few minutes on the phone with people who are new to my work.  You can reach me at 610 469 7588--I'm on East Coast time.  Or just email.  My days are spent teaching, doing sessions with clients, writing, and taking care to otherwise "have a life." 

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What People Say

“Your Family Constellation coaching opened me up in a way I could not have imagined. I recommend what you offer to those looking to make positive changes in their life—especially when they find that something is inexplicably holding them back.   —Barry Epstein, Washington, DC  (More Testimonials)