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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Family Energetics Free Evenings

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Family Energetics Free Evenings

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Experience the Powerful & Growing 
Synthesis of Constellations, Shamanism, 
Energy Psychology, and Personality Parts Work.

Valuable content, interesting participants,
and lively conversations. 


I'll be with you on interactive video
approximately every 2 weeks with something
of interest and value to share 
and involve you in talking about.  :-)

We use Zoom Video Conferencing for these meetings, which is totally simple and allows us to see each other and interact.  It also means I can share diagrams or put us in break-out groups.  Zoom is seamless and costs you nothing. 

Watch the video from the June 21st Session--
"Family Energetics--Systemic Treatment of Layered Trauma"
(my recent ACEP presentation)

Next Session, Wed July 5th 7:30-9 pm est

"Family Energetics--Systemic Treatment of Layered Trauma 2"
PART TWO of My Recent ACEP Presentation

Attendance topped out standing room only at about 60-70 people a few weeks ago in San Antonio when I spoke at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference.  I'll be recapping this exciting material at the next Free Evening on Zoom.

In our usual "Michael loves comments and questions" way, I'll share how my understanding of this area has grown, and fold into that sharing the wonderful things that you participants always end up contributing.  With the comments and questions, we got through about half of the presentation last session.  Here's what we'll be focusing on on the 5th.

  • Bulky constellations like slim Energy Psychology protocols, and vice versa
  • Guidelines for setting up constellations on all four levels (internal, birth, & ancestral families, or organizations)

  • Wildcard tension set up

  • Four contrarian guidelines

Join us with this link on  Wed, July 5th, 7:30-9pm est.

Please donate if you can to support these sessions.  Thank you.

Video from March 1st Session--
Focusing Goals, Affirmations,
& the Bengston Healing Method

famenerfree 7

Video from March 15th Session--
Distinguishing Process from
Perspective in Constellation Work

famenerfree 8

Video from March 29th Session--
Learning to Read Natural Symbols
Video from April 12th Session--
Social Geometry
famenerfree 9   famenerfree10
Video from April 26th Session--
Family & Organizational Souls

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From Former Students
& Workshop Participants


"With the home altar that I have just done and the second one that I have started, the financial cloud changes. I have done much work around money over the years, but wish to say to you that your home altar process is just so effective. Thank you!"
--Linda H


"I had a chance to take this class and it was amazing. It opened my perceptions of how constellations unfold. If you are a tiny bit curious sign up!"
--Meta Lackland, Constellation Facilitator, Oakland


"It has been a wonderfully thoughtful journey which has helped me to understand in a more cohesive manner. Thank you for all the time, effort and love you obviously put into it" 
--Beth Levine


While I am grateful for learning from several amazing constellation trainers, I felt that some of the core fundamentals were missing from the purely experiential approach.   So again, thank you for providing this kind of conceptual framework in such a user friendly way.  I love that you are involved in Shamanism and have taken that beautiful work into family constellations.
--Lorena Colarusso, Psychotherapist, Stoney Creek, Ontario


"Wanted to compliment you on the fantastic job you did presenting such complex material in such a concise and lucid manner." 
--Cathy Jo Hendricks


"Michael you are brilliant! Thanks for the diagrams... Rock on!" 
--Cathy Lipsky RN, ANP, Hartsdale, NY


"I have spent years and much money in various kinds of treatments and therapy for a chronic disease in my abdomen. Constellation work did what all those long years of therapy and medical treatment didn't."
--KT, Toronto, Ontario


"I came bound to my family of origin through dysfunction and left connected to my ancestors through love and understanding. Michael was a clear facilitator, coming from the heart."
—Lynn Miller, Expressive Arts Therapist