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Monday June 26, 2017
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The Software Bubble is Closing Around YOU

reality check aheadWe talk about "the world" as if it's out there and the same for all of us. It's in crisis, we say, or same as always, or it's on the verge of a golden age. We know, on some level, that each of us has different surroundings, different centers of attention, different kinds of interactions—and different ways of learning about things not in our immediate surroundings.

In a deeper sense, that means each of us lives in his or her own unique reality. But, to interact successfully, we need something shared—so we project our uniquely different version of "the world," and assume it's sufficiently the same for everybody.

Balancing Various World Views

And that works, to some extent anyway. Yes, we have massive clashes, because our collective racial, ethnic, and regional worlds differ so greatly, but we also have many kinds of successful communities. man in bubbleToday, however, with little in the way of notice or discussion, something significant is happening to that uneasy balance.

Computers and automation now affect an ever-widening majority of our interactions. They are narrowing not only the inputs to our minds and senses, but also the kinds of interactions our hands and bodies are allowed to engage in.

How radical is this change? What does it mean to us? How do we best cope with, or influence it?

Remote Family Constellations--Strengths & Weaknesses


individualismHere in English speaking North America, where individualism is strong and families are diluted by damage and "in-country migrations"--family constellation workshops can be hard to keep going.  This wonderful healing modality, we know, is not growing here as it has elsewhere.  Except in certain cutting edge geographic areas, baring our souls in group settings is not something we do easily here.

If not Workshops, then What?

So, as you know, I and other facilitators with viable business models here have learned to carry out and thus offer remote constellations.  But when we look at this form, what sorts of strengths does it have and how do we take advantage of those?  Where are the weaknesses, and how do we compensate for them?

I cover this in depth in my Phone and Skype Constellations teleclass (now a webinar), but I want to share some general points with you here.

Important Strengths and Weaknesses

online convenienceIn general, some important strengths involve:

  • convenience,
  • privacy,
  • no fixed time limits. 

And the weaknesses?  Two biggies are: 

  • difficulty in sharing a setup of representatives,
  • diminished bodily presence

Let's glance at these one at a time


Remote Family Constellations--Some Why's and How's

Many family constellation facilitators in North America, learning, or trained already in group workshop forms, need to consider learning to offer both private and remote 1 to 1 constellations.  My teleclass teaches several ways to do these.

Except in certain geographic areas, driver tired annoyedpeople here seem to want more privacy for the work, and steady attendance at workshops can be a difficult thing to organize and promote. Workshops are also limited to folks within an hour to two at most of driving time.  Driving in some places and seasons can be a hassle.

Help Many Many More Needy People

Remote constellations via voice or voice plus video open a much larger world to your services. In addition to local, I have remote clients also--from India, Europe, Hawaii, Middle and South America, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Face-to-Face Starts from a Shared
Physical Configuration--the "Constellation"

Altar1 Pic1 Judy M Class4Now, in private, face-to-face constellations, you set up a configuration of ancestors on the floor or tabletop, using colored footprints, figurines, or even simple household objects (which are rich in additional symbolism).

Both you and the client stand in the place of these, feel patiently into their energies, compare notes--and information about the family system emerges as in the group format.

So the work you do is grounded by a shared physical configuration--I call it "the setup."  Transferring your group workshop skills to this format is not that difficult.

But What Happens When There is
No Shared Setup in Remote Work?

First, let me say that there are clients and also facilitators for which ancestral healings can work very well without a shared setup. In my own experience and that of my students, this happens usually when both are skilled at mental imagerycrystal ball girl psychic reader and/or psychically more gifted.  And I do teach two types of pure imagery constellations in my Phone and Skype Teleclass.

Also, as the number of shared setup constellations you do increases, your skills at this less grounded form increase. But some clients are still not going to be good visualizers. My approach is to serve the widest range of clients I can, with different techniques & technologies.  My teleclass gives facilitators the chance to learn all of these.

So how do we keep some kind of shared setup in remote constellations? The rest of this short blog post fills you in on some of the tricks of the trade.

Dancing as the World Divides

calm in stormI want to talk to you about the "new normal's. Quite a few of them are, unfortunately, not positive ones. I've written here about transition towns, time banks, and gift economies—some of many wonderful, hopeful efforts working to restore resilient, connected local communities.

So there are bright sides. But this article is about finding and holding a spiritual and emotional center in the midst of an increasingly contentious, crumbling, and off-track mainstream world.

What are "New Normal's"?

It's a world largely in denial about unrepaired physical infrastructures, fragile, wildly over-complex electronic networks, a destabilizing climate, money as free speech, and so on. This is big stuff.

Personal, family, or communal centering efforts might want to ground themselves in the impending consequences of these "new normal's." It's a gathering darkness. But it's also a tunnel with a powerful spiritual light all the way through it. 

The "New Normal"
Brought to You by...

radio with money floating aroundSample the daily news on what used to be "public" media. With federal funding cut back, these sources now constantly advertise both themselves and various institutional sponsors. They are less and less "public." A recent self-promotion pitch is this: "Be more interesting by listening a lot to us."

So, exempting all the often-excellent cultural and practical programming--what kind of news coverage is going to make me more interesting?

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