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Monday June 26, 2017
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Presence and your Family Soul This Holiday

So, look--either the holidays are good for you or they are troubling.girl lying smile wall drawing sun If they are good for you, hopefully you can spread that around.

But if the time when families naturally want to draw together to ward off the cold and dark is hard for you--take heed. There's a flip side.

Turn Holiday Family Blahs
Into Moments of Growth & Healing

silver lining heart cloudThere's a real opportunity here. Christmas, Hannukah, Quanza, or Solistice can be a great time to recover some clarity about how your family works, see it in action perhaps, and apply new awarenesses to those interactions.  These are steps towards real change.

Studies of the brain have made it clear that we are a primarily social, group-oriented species. The drive to bond, specialize, and take on specific supportive roles in the emotional and physical life the families we belong to is hard-wired and pre-conscious.

Discover the Real Shape
Of your Family System

This means your family has a specific structure, a pattern of organizing its exchanges of feelings. This pattern creates a living, breathing organism built out of mostly subconscious bonds (or the opposite of bonds--rejections).  It's called the "family soul" or family system.

Who have you been in those patterns of shared and unshared feelings?  People are typically not aware of this until they start looking for it.family soul puzzle pieces

By focusing on being present, instead of reactive, you can start to see what this family soul is like--what those patterns are and how they work.  Some you will find support healthy, happy interactions--others clearly do not.

In my Healing Holiday Family Heartaches teleseminars (Tuesdays 12/8 to 1/5, 7:30-9 pm est)--we'll look at this in some detail.  To see how mindfulness and awareness of "trigger systems" can change your own and even your family's holiday, check out the rest of this short blog.

Animated San Diego Home Altar Presentation

Preze ScreenI've started using this very sophisticated, cloud-based, graphically oriented presentation software that is kind of the successor to Powerpoint. 

So here below, live and playable, is what I'll be showing during my session at the North American Constellation Conference later this week in San Diego.  This is very beautiful, relatively easy-to-use stuff.  I love the visual metaphors.

Oh...  and don't get dizzy as you zoom around the screen to different levels of detail.  :-)  The stops at pictures on the Home Altar poster are to allow the participants to practice interpreting what they see.

If you want it to play itself, click on the little gear wheel bottom right and choose how fast you want the slides to go by.  Otherwise, click on the arrows.  For the full effect, go to full screen.  Frankly, though I have some quarrels with the way the web is developing in general, this tool is pretty amazing.

Oh, you can also use the slider at the bottom to move quickly to different parts or through the whole thing.

I know some of the frames are a little abbreviated in terms of their language, but that's because I'll be using them to talk.  The close-ups of the altar pictures are for interactive processing by the people in the session.

If what you see raises any questions you want answered, feel free to get in touch with me.


Dancing as the World Decays


heart handsI want to talk to you about the “new normal’s.”  There are quite a few of them, and, unfortunately, they are not positive ones.  I’ve written here before about transition towns, time banks, and gift economies—some of many wonderful, hopeful efforts working to restore resilient, connected local communities.
So there are bright sides.  But this article is about finding and holding a spiritual and emotional center in the midst of an increasingly contentious, crumbling, and off-track mainstream world. 

What are These “New Normal’s”?

It’s a world seemingly in denial about unrepaired physical infrastructures, fragile, wildly over-complex electronic networks, a destabilizing climate, money as free speech, and so on.  This is big stuff.  Personal, family, or communal centering efforts might want to ground themselves in the very significant reality of these “new normal’s.” 

So strap in as we acknowledge a gathering darkness with the understanding that it’s a tunnel with a powerful spiritual light at the end of it—or, more accurately, all the way through it.

radio with money floating aroundNew Normal News
From Public Radio

One way to get a sense of the problem is to sample the daily news on National Public Radio (NPR). Forced to bow increasingly to the god of money, as the mainstream more and more must, NPR now advertises both sponsors and itself—constantly, not just during fundraisers.  It’s less and less “public.”  A recent pitch is this:  “Be more interesting by listening a lot to us.” 

So, exempting all of the wonderful, long-format, cultural and practical programming--what kind of news information and “underwriting spots” (commercials) are going to make me more interesting?   

3D Online Avatars for Remote Constellations?

Stage 1 Core A Shot 8 Dons HeadacheThere are many signs of constellation work coming of age throughout the world.  Here’s one that you may not have noticed.  It’s the existence of two pieces of software that allow facilitators to do remote constellations in an online, shared image space.

Yes, that means that two people (or more in one case) can both see and manipulate these images while talking to one another.  That’s one way to solve the problem of the facilitator and the client not being in the same physical room.  

This way, they can share a kind of virtual space, while interacting through voice or voice plus video of one another.

But Wait--Why is This
Important for North America?

Well…  most of us are aware that constellations are gaining ground more slowly in English Speaking North America (not Mexico).  And that means many fledgling facilitators (or even advanced ones in some areas) have a hard time organizing group workshops.  Just not enough interested people in the local area.

So the ability to do one-on-one constellations for people over national andStage 5 Core C Shot 1 Gpas Sentence Cropped international regions can make or break the effort to build a practice.  Plus which, with such a strong fascination for high tech in the US at least, these tools are another way to bring us both more attention and more respect.

I think it’s good to know about this as we head towards what looks to be a fresh and wonderful constellation conference Nov 13-15 in San Diego.

That's Nice--But
Show me the Goods Here

Well, another big reason CoachingSpaces is of great value to us is as a teaching tool.  Stages in constellations can be saved and then "walked through" in movable, full color, 3D realism.  Here below is the constellation from Chapter Two of my book Health, Happiness, and Family Constellations modelled and displayed with CoachingSpaces in a video.  I've had great success showing this concise, 15 minute screencast to audiences of psychologists and therapists who knew at the start nothing about constellations.

Take a quick look.  :-)

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