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Monday June 26, 2017
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Constellations Own Ancestors--Are They Acknowledged?

Who are the intellectual grandparents of systemic constellations? Are they acknowledged or rather more forgotten?

USCan flagsDo those questions have anything to do with the fact that the US and Canada lag behind the rest of the world in adopting this powerful healing tool?

This subject is part of the first US-Canadian Constellation Conversation, starting Thurs Feb 19th. Join us in these via either the live sessions or recordings you can hear anytime.

Some Constellation Ancestors Are
Acknowledged--Others Not So Much

zuluThat Hellinger was deeply influenced by the indigenous Zulu's, systemics, and the philosophy of European Phenomenology is pretty well known & often spoken about.

But about the therapeutic tools that Bert learned from, reshaped, added to, and creatively synthesized to form the classic group constellation--we don't hear so much.

Seems Like Many of Constellation
Work's Less Acknowledged Ancestors
Are from the US and Canada

Apart from Dan Booth Cohen's book chapter, not that much is written about this. But after Africa, it seems Bert did a long quest on this continent. Those he learned from apparently include:

  • Eric Berne (transactional analysis)--born in Canada, worked in California
  • Ivan Borzomenyi-Nagy (hidden loyalties)--born in Hungary, migrated to Philadelphia at 30 yrs old
  • Milton Ericson (brief therapies)--Wisconsin
  • Arther Janov (primal)--California
  • Jacob Moreno (psychodrama)--born in Romania, migrated to the NYC at 36 yrs old
  • Virginia Satir (family sculpture)--Wisconsin

These People are Well Respected Roots
In US-Canadian Helping-Healing Circles

The thing is, if these are also grandparents of constellation work--why don't we talk more about them here? In terms of both respect in professional circles and systemic inclusion of our ancestors--this would make a lot of sense.

tunnel visionInstead we often seem to speak as if Hellinger created the method of systemic constellations from nothing. In a kind of tunnel vision, facilitators seem to attribute as completely original to Bert's insights that others also had.

"Interrupted Movement," for instance, is but a small part of "attachment theory", started by Bowlby after WWII. It's only 1 of 4 forms of infant attachment.

What if this hurts us in the US-Canadian world?

Many Reasons for US & Canada
Lagging in Adoption of Constellations--

But is this also one?

Yes of course constellations remain marginalized here because of rugged individualism, strong scientific materialism, immigrations, along with unacknowledged thefts of peoples and lands.

thinking questionmarkBut the question I would like to see us talk a bit about relates to this seeming paradox. Why do we who understand, promote, and heal human families and larger collectives not have that much family among ourselves?

Let's Start Some Discussion Now
Before the Brief and Busy
San Diego Conference

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Interested in Systemic Constellations?
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These conversations will look at some of the major features of systemic constellations. Click here for the schedule of dates and topics. We'll explore similarities and differences in how major facilitators interpret them--especially in the US and Canada.

Remember, this is a Pay-What-You-Want offering, and recordings of all sessions are posted for you on a private web page. So you can take part and benefit without attending the live sessions.

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Proof of Heaven--and Constellations Also?

newsweek heaven is realLast newsletter, I explained to you why Eben Alexander's Near Death Experience (NDE), and his book PROOF OF HEAVEN, made the cover of NEWSWEEK Magazine.

Essentially, he is a well known academic neuro-surgeon, and most of his brain was clinically dead. So there was nothing to generate hallucinations.

But his story is also, if not "proof," at least a very strong and unexpected kind of support for truths of family constellations.

Birth Parents of Orphans
Remain Very Important

birth parentsYou see the constellation perspective claims that, even with adoptees (which Eben was), ancestral life-and-love must still flow smoothly through the original birth parents. So we work to connect the child with them spiritually--even if they are unknown or already deceased.

The whole, exciting climax of Eben Alexanders story of visiting the afterlife hinges on a birth family secret. One he never knew-- because he was adopted just after being born.

Great Foster Parents

teenagers marryEben Alexander the third (named after his foster father) was the child of teenaged sweethearts, who gave him up for adoption after a few weeks. They were just too young to care for him. But then they later got married and had a large family.

Meanwhile, Eben had wonderful foster parents. When he learned he was adopted, it really just didn't matter to him. He already felt totally loved and supported.

Healthy, Happy Life and Career

Eben AlexanderAs an adult, Eben became a highly successful, academic neurosurgeon, with his own son--Eben IV. But in constellation work, we very often see that important exclusions emerge in later generations.

And it was this grandchild, Eben IV, of those forgotten birth parents--that developed a huge interest in genealogy and forced his uninterested father to look for them. So Eben III then found them, and first learned that they had indeed later gotten married and had a family (his siblings by birth).

The No-Contact Slidedecline red arrow

But when they refused any contact with him, something changed. His life and career went into what he describes as a 7 year decline. Seems like the flow of life and love from his foster family, real though it was, was after all not enough. Birth family mattered.

The Impact of Connecting

Eben III pulled himself out of that slide, and actually did connect with his birth family--all before the near death experience. Here's what he says about knowing them:

"...meeting my birth family was the first time in my life that I felt that things really were, somehow, OK . . . This was my first real education in how profoundly knowledge of one's origins can heal a person's life in unexpected ways" (p. 66)

But wait, this is only the beginning. Because Eben's NDE experience uncovered a birth family secret.

NDE's--or Life After Life

MR with Eben Alexander3

There I stood, shaking hands with a smiling man who had been pretty much brain dead for seven days, and come back to life to talk about it. It was at an ACEP conference, where I had presented on family constellations, and he was a keynote speaker.

The claim he made, in his bestselling book Proof of Heaven, was that his particular "near death experience," in which he traveled from darkness to a realm of absolute, loving light, was somehow different. It was an odd experience, meeting someone "back from the dead," and he radiated a particularly earnest, yet also peaceful sort of energy.

Apparently not a Rare Occurence

So what does "different" mean, in the realm of those who venture hours or days into the realm of death, yet still return? Well, first of all, it's a pretty large group. A Gallup poll says around eight million Americans claim to have had one. By "one" here, I mean what has been Life After Life Moody bookdubbed a "near death experience", or NDE.

In 1975, Raymond Moody wrote a book called Life After Life. He was (and still is) an MD psychologist with a background in philosophy. His book was translated again and again and has sold over 13 million copies.

Hundreds of Books on NDE's?

Although I have found no way to isolate and count them, Amazon lists certainly tens, and probably hundreds of books now on this subject.

There's one on gay NDE experiences, and another on animals' "journeys beyond death;" even a Complete Idiot's Guide to Near Death Experiences(which is actually a very excellent and comprehensive book). Clever or straightforward titles like "One with the Light," "The Science of NDE's," and "Dying to be Me" fill the search lists.

Why This Explosion of Research and Writing?

Holiday Healing Meditation--Join Us

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You will save yourself and others some heartaches this holiday season.

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