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Monday June 26, 2017
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Transition Towns, or Small is More Fun

Where's our world heading? Try to imagine your life five years from now. Think—if it's not too much—about climate change, unstable food and energy costs, rising economic inequality, and infrastructure decay. How will these affect you and those you love?

We've had 6 damaging DroughtMapweather events in the Philly area in less than 3 years. Was your power out for days during one of them? Or something like it where you live?  Do you even know any of the nearby neighbors also affected?

Hamstrung, it seems, by the pervasive influence of big money, our larger governmental agencies appear gridlocked in ineffectual partisan struggle. The real question becomes: are the services upon which your life now depends likely to remain available to you at a cost you can afford to pay?

People respond in different ways to this threatening question. More than a few emulate the ostrich. It's easy enough to keepHead-in-the-Sand-debate-341690 390 500 heads buried in the endless sands of overly busy daily lives. Just don't think about it. Behind this lie either tacit feelings of hopelessness, or vague notions that technology will somehow fix things.

If you become more attentive, what first confronts you are opposing attitudes. You can go with shrill activism (wake up, crusade, fix the big things now, it's already almost too late!), or settle into spiritual bypass (Earth's always been a mess, I'll live for an actual or meditative heaven).

But, just southwest of Philadelphia proper is an outstanding instance of a very different and growing response to this world of scary decline. Look, it says, on the local scale, we're not that happy being emotionally isolated "consumers" anyway. Jobs and families grow more distant, we barely know who lives next door. We embody permaculture-principlesin our lives the same loss of connectedness and consensus that, on the larger scale, threatens this decline.

So why don't we just take all this as an opportunity to rediscover the joys and strengths of cultivating local community?

The science of permaculture suggests that we can have abundant, connected, actually happier lives converting now to low-energy, low-consumption ways. And, if this or that chunk of the wider world doesn't work anymore, we'll most certainly do better together than we would alone.

This local model of that different response is called "Transition Town Media." Founded in 2009, it's a largely self-organizing, volunteer organization that tries to apply concepts of permaculture to creating resilient local community. This goes well beyond community supported agriculture.

Amazing Infant Awareness at ACEP Conference

In presenting Family Constellations for the 2nd year now at the annual Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology--I saw attendance at my session quadruple.  Over 100 people took it in. 

But beyond that, the constellation perspective (that generational trauma can hamper descendents) was much more in evidence.  Practitioners using other tools are doing similar work, and discovering similar things.

I'll share one story here--and another one or two in my next newsletter.


The Impact of a Vanished Twin

We know that many more twins are conceived than actually resultWomb-twins in two babies.  One twin often dies.  In constellation work, we have recognized the importance of dealing with left over feelings of loyalty, loss, and guilt in the survivor.

But our recognition comes about via inference, dealing with adults, after the fact.  Successful constellations for surviving twins leave them relieved and more engaged with life.  Looking at the effects, we say, well--the bonding to lost twins must be real and important.


Constellation Work's Inferred Story
Of Life in the Womb and First Year

I first heard it from John Payne, and I've told it myself many times.  The fetus and infant are both plugged into some deeper awareness--not only of Mom, but of the whole family system.  Again, we infer this.

Radically dependent, filled with a kind of transcendent19day-family-bonding love, and innocent of the practicalities of life in a body--these little beings rush in to support significant weaknesses in the family soul.

That transcendent, personal love is all they have to give.  In return for all the support they are getting, they reach out to fill the deeper shadows in the family soul with their own light.  And so, of course, the death of a womb-mate is a big big deal.

Remote Family Constellations--Why and How

There are two ways for you facilitators to do more Family Constellations, help more people, and earn a more sustainable living. They also give you interested non-facilitators a better chance to experience deep change through family constellations.

I'm sharing here some tips from my Pay What You Want teleclass on Phone and Skype Constellations, starting April 8th.

Why Do Private Constellations?

Doing only group workshops in most regions of North America is tough. In the land of rugged individualism, more folks want privacy here. The social intensity involved in baring their souls in gatherings of strangers is too much.

So doing private constellations where facilitator and client take turns doing the representing seriously increases the amount of people who can benefit from your services.

Many experienced and successful facilitators on our continent have learned this lesson.

Why Do Remote Constellations

Remote Constellations ImageThink about your website for a minute. It speaks equally to people all over the world. But if you can only work with folks living within an hour or so from you--how many who visit your site can actually work with you? Relatively few...

That's one reason to also offer remote. Another big reason is that the the Knowing Field itself is a non-local phenomenon. Tuning yourself and the client in well matters, but physical distance is utterly irrelevant to successful family constellations.

I've had clients in Hawaii, Canada, Western Europe, Venezuela, Santo Domingo, New Zealand, and, of course, all across the US.

Yes But How Do You Do Them?

The various ways to carry out deep and powerful family constellations via phone or Skype (or Google Hangouts or CoachingSpaces.com) depend on two things.

  • Your own comfort/skill levels with technology on the one hand and guided visualizations on the other.

  • And the comfort/skill levels of the client with technology and guided visualizations

Here are some of the ways I deal with these and tailor the approach to the client and situation.

Chronic Suffering--Healing Two Kinds

I'm continuing the Sacred Economy experiment with my teleclasses (Remote Constellations in April)--but this blog is about healing trauma in this time of social & economic upheaval.

Most of my work in private sessions involves helping you or your loved ones leave chronic emotional, physical, or life-disorder suffering behind. You know, the kind mainstream healthcare or traditional life coaching don't resolve.

Why Talk About Trauma?

Emtional TraumaThese problems have their roots in emotional trauma--that is, unrepaired experiences of overwhelm still resonating in your nervous system. It pops into mild (or strong) fight, flight, or freeze mode when it shouldn't.

According to the latest and best research, a wide variety of kinds of suffering all stem from this kind of trauma.


But There's Two Really Different Kinds

But trauma comes in two forms, and it takes different tools to clear these. That's why I've spent the last 2 years studying the exploding field of energy psychology.

  • One form involves the residues of experiences you've actually had in your own life--personal trauma.

  • While the other one didn't actually happen to you. You are resonating out of deep, subconscious love to unresolved experiences others in your family system went through.

Working with Both Kinds

Actually, there is a fascinating interplay between these two forms that results in 3 different situations from the perspective of healing. I've learned the best ways to clear all of them.

Essentially, I bring to your unique situation a range of healing tools that suit it best.

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