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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Trump, Twitter, Facebook, and Disruptive Technologies

spinning out of controlWho--or what--really runs our world today?  Answer that question in various ways, from different perspectives, and we capture parts of the truth.  Giant corporations, cabals of superwealthy, governments perhaps less and less? What do you think?

But why ask that in a newsletter supposedly devoted to healing and training healers?

Well, here's a question. Can we bring healing to individuals and families when the cultures they live in are clearly spinning further off of any stable, humane axis?  Not so easily. And many in the systemic community are setting up constellations that attempt to peer into and influence these larger movements in better directions.  So what are these movements?

And Then There's...whats france trumpt

"The Donald"--an apparently unhealed narcissist who is derailing a presidential election largely to Trump-et his name and face across the world.  So maybe that's another reason to ask the question in a newsletter about healing:  what, not who, runs our world. Doesn't this guy embody something that desperately needs healing?

Consider a moment. Could it be that Twitter, by degrading conversation to 140 character meaning bites, has a lot to do with Trump's success?  Would his candidacy be possible without Twitter and the way it has conditioned human communication?

OK--So What's Driving
Our Culture's Car?

One answer to what, not who, runs our world is simple, and central.  It's just not supposed to be talked about.  Rampant technological innovation, unfettered and rabidly profit-oriented, is probably the most powerful player on the stage of world affairs today. 

drink the coolaidThe primary quest in finance, computing, nanotech, robotics, artificial intelligence, weapons development, and so on--is to find the next big "disruptive technology" that will go viral and earn millions for its owners.  Oh, sorry, I meant billions.

Escalating Displacement

Disruptive technologies are those which become wildly successful by making thousands of formerly stable businesses and millions of human livelihoods obsolete.  The cool-aid an also for-profit media forces us to drink about this is:  how super wonderful to have smart phones and robots that do so much. 

robot replaces worker croppedThe elephant in the room that is never to be taken seriously is:  what about the millions of families whose lives depended on stable careers. Clerking, film-based photography, manufacturing, brick-and-mortar retail, and so on, are displaced in less time than it takes a kid to grow up. 

And artificial intelligence, the current wave of big tech investment, is already taking aim at "knowledge workers."

Technology is fine.  It deserves an important place.  But not when shaped largely by pathological greed packaged as "good for you."

What's Life Like
In Wildly Successful,
Tech-based Businesses?

But suppose we decided, consciously as a society, that smart phones were worth all that human damage.  Suppose that the rolling wave of social suffering created by implementing these changes too fast and pretty much only for the profit of a few--suppose it had to be accepted for some greater good. 

Suppose we did that, which we haven't, and likely wouldn't.  What then about these new tech based businesses that have gone viral?  Are they themselves stable?

Could we really "retrain" and find chaos monkeys coverlasting homes for so many in them?  What kind of livelihoods would they be?

A very smart, seemingly honest Latino maverick named Antonio Martinez just put out a book about his high profile, short-lived career in Wall Street and Silicon Valley. 


Personality Layers--Why Some Wounds Need More Than One Healing


Can't tell you how many times I've heard the "Oh I've already dealt with that" statement from clients. Sometimes I even know, by the way they say it, that it's exactly what we need to work on.

And I always tell them the same little story. Always give them the same layers model of how personalities develop and healing of deeper wounds works.

Surprisingly, it seems like many Confused Icon Yellowprofessional helper/healers are not aware of this simple way of understanding what's going on. So here it is...

Start with the Notion of Personalities as Layered

Imagine the beginning of life as the center of a circle. Around it form expanding rings of experience, learning, and yes, also at times--damage. This damage comes from overwhelm to the nervous system, is called "trauma," happens in many forms, and is inflicted these days to way too many of us.

As I've explained in recent blogs and newsletters, trauma causes "blurbacks" (or flashbacks) to that overwhelm that can cause similar overwhelms to recurBlurbacks, by the way, happen when anxious feelings from previous overwhelms attach themselves inappropriately to present circumstances.  (More here)

Tree Rings Cracks Brown So now, as the layers keep adding on, like the growth a tree, damage that is closely related to the original events shows up on more superficial layers. Not too different from cracks in these tree rings.

 For Serious Damage--It's a "Wound System"

So let's say that in layers 5 and 6, somebody got badly abused in the family. Well that led to an expectation that love comes only with abuse. Now we see that person, around layers 12 or 13 (puberty, say), getting abused in an early relationship.

And maybe you are that Tree Rings Lots of Damage Brownperson (or are working with that person) now trying to heal this much later after an abusive marriage.

Suppose it looks like the damage in this tree. Does it make sense to think all these layers will heal all at once?

For interesting and helpful answers to this question, just read on in this short article.

Survival of the Successfully Bonded

survival of the fittestDarwin's "survival of the fittest" is rugged individualism taken to the species level. It sponsors a profoundly competitive view of life on Earth and reality itself. For this person or species to win, another must lose. Even our bodily organs, which are supposed to cooperate, mainstream medicine heals (supposedly) in isolation.

These days, however, a couple of revolutions are challenging this older view.

What's emerging is a wider truth that is both miraculous and daunting. In so many cases, equally powerful actors in how and why things evolve are not individuals at all—but very rich andTime Mag DNA Not Destiny complex networks, whole systems. It's more like, "survival of the successfully bonded." How does this change the way you see yourself and your health?

DNA's Not in Control

To begin with, "genes as destiny" has failed to turn out as planned. A vast array of epigenetic "switches" around genes can and does turn them on and off singly and in different combinations. Your particular good or bad genes may or may not ever activate. And these switches are in various ways both heritable and sensitive to what's happening around you. Increasingly, research indicates they can even be affected by your moods and thoughts.

ancestral traumaTransmission via these epigenetic switches is one of the ways unresolved trauma in your ancestors can live on in you, even though you personally never experienced it. You remain an expression of a family system, or "soul," that is continuous across generations. Descendents of holocaust survivors, for instance, can find themselves repeatedly victimized. Children in the wombs of 9/11 survivors were shown to be prone later to PTSD.

Family Energetics--
Help for Bad Bonding

Fortunately, simple, low-tech, accessible tools like Systemic Constellations and Family Energetics have also emerged. They can help you sort out whose fate is whose in these bonded groups and thereby clear inherited trauma. But the point is—wellness for you can sometimes best arise by looking at and working with this whole family system.

Again, it's survival of the successfully bonded.  Simply rejectingFamily Constellation Tree your ancestral system doesn't clear you.  Accepting and changing the nature of the bonds helps not only you, but the rest of the family.

But something both much smaller and much larger is profoundly changed our picture of life.

Good Health as a Sacred Fire

campfire graphicWhat powers the body is a very slow fire. We take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide just like the flames you sit around camping out at night. Though "antioxidants" and "free radicals" have given it something of a bad name these days—combustion still powers our cells.

But if that's true, if we are fueled by internalized oxidation, perhaps we can learn something from the life-path of that simple campfire. What if what's healthy for fire, always but especially in its late stages, is also what's healthy for us?

Nurturing a Flame-Child

Start a good fire by creating a cone or teepee-like structure with three layers. The inner core is tinder. It consists of flammable materials that are dry, lightweight, and present lots of surface area. Crumpled paper, bits of cardboard, and brittle twigs the up to the size of pencils work well. You make a small pile with the twigs leaning against, and above the paper.

Candle Cupped in HandsThe tiniest flames, like you as an infant, need special care. They need lots to learn and grow on, but also shelter. Too much oxygen, as in a strong draft, will cool them below ignition temperature and—blow them out. Dampness also cools them, because water evaporating steals lots of heat in order to become a vapor. Dampness, we might say, is like trauma in the young family. Areas of learning and growth get shut down as parts of the tinder cannot ignite.

When Fire Grows into its Prime

The next layer of the cone has no name in English—but I call it "bonewood." It's dry sticks about the thickness of the bones in your arms or legs just long enough to lean up against the core of tinder and touch at the top. As you surround it with these, you begin to see the form of the teepee more clearly. The final layer is branches or split logs more like the thickness of your whole arm.

conical fire 2Reach a long match in and in minutes you will have a crackling blaze that draws in it's own air and shoots heat out of the top. The parts are ready to burn and the conical structure is perfectly organized so that they support one another. This is like the strength and resilience of healthy adults in their prime. All the parts are strong, and their combined, well centralized heat can easily stand up to a big wind or even some rain. 

But it's at this point that our analogy to lifelong health starts to get most interesting.

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