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Monday June 26, 2017
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ACEP Report: Great-full-ness vs Abundance

lynne twist dalai lamaI want take you back to ACEP 2016 once again to report on something very striking Lynne Twist shared in her keynote. But before we do that--let's quick get the business stuff out of the way.

I've started to shift the name of what I do, and people are asking questions about that.

Especially with my live video training sequence starting this week--Family Energetics Core Concepts, followed by Home Altar Constellations in the Fall.

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How Family Energetics Works

This is the integrated use of family constellations with meridian tapping techniques to heal trauma. There are two kinds of trauma--personal, but also unresolved ancestral overwhelm that is inherited.

So sometimes, it didn't happen to YOU. But you've got it.

family system puzzleBut both kinds of trauma "scale"--behave similarly on different levels. So in organizations, ancestral and birth families, and the "inner family" of your personality parts-- constellations allow the relevant parts of a dysfunctional tangle to separate enough be clear about their feelings and come to terms.

Constellations Sort Out
eft points faceAlmost Any Entangled System

Meridian tapping turns out to be very often much more effective helping the parts clear and come to terms when used on them while they are in such a sorted-out, "constellated" state. Because the parts so often need to tap on different problems.

OK, enough of that... Learn more in the free video.

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Great-full-ness & "Sufficiency"

Not often that you hear a new twist on an old subject. But Lynne Twist had a great one in her ACEP 2016 Keynote.

too much stuffShe takes "gratefulness" and understands it as a feeling of "great fullness" in one's life. This is not the normal idea of "abundance." It doesn't mean you are showered with all the material goods you could need or want.

It means you are present and tuned into an awareness that life is bringing you a "sufficiency" of many different kinds of experiences. There is always this rich feeling of "enough"--and every day has this great fullness for you. Lynne has seen so many "poor" people with rich lives. They have "sufficiency."

gratitudeGreat Fullness Breeds Gratitude

When you feel this great fullness, Lynne says, you naturally want to share it. Gratitude begets the sharing of that fullness.

This of course, as we know, becomes a cascade of richness from you to others and from the world back to you.

The Value in my Video Trainings

#JustSaying--There are many highly experienced constellation facilitators and therapists finding unusual value in my trainings.

They give you guidelines for jump starting your intuition, show you ways to perfect your skills apart from helping others, and keep you abreast of our evolving understanding of trauma, social neurobiology, and psychic research.


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Telling the World about Trauma--& Resolving it

free trialHEY! There's a free trial class for my revamped Family Energetics Core Concepts Video Training Wed June 8 7:30pm est. Click HERE to join the trial.

Constellations and Energy psychology integrate extremely well to deal with both ancestral and personal trauma. I'll be sharing new perspectives from my ACEP sessions.

On a Crusade at my Age?
Yeah... Because it's Everywhere

trauma cascadeAt a stage in life when most are "retiring," I honestly find myself fired up to tell the world about trauma. I've suffered and seen others suffer so much from it, andit's only in the last 20 years that we've gained the knowledge and the tools to really heal it.

The bad news is--trauma is everywhere. Damaged institutions damage families which raise damaged children who grow up to damage more institutions.

So the main take-away here is: trauma cascades through both time and levels of society.

But There's Serious Good News Too

Yet we've got a single root cause for literally most of our troubles. And it operates similarly in organizations, ancestral and birth families, and even the inner family of your personality parts.

trauma stops communicationOn all these levels, it isolates subconscious truths painfully alive in our social empathy systems from our conscious, "rational" behavior.

The corporate culture undercuts the mission statement. Ancestral secrets are excluded from family stories. "Do as I say, not as I do," we're told in our families of origin. And within our personality parts, too much old overwhelm is felt that cannot be spoken about or acknowledged.

So the 2nd big take-away here is: trauma scales.
It's a fractal, repeating a self similar pattern as we go from larger to smaller human groups.

And Because it Scales, We Can
Expect Similar Tools to Work
On All the Different Levels

gears meshAnd they do. And they are low tech, accessible, and inexpensive compared to mainstream health care, and to some extent even "do it yourself." So the world needs to know this.

The best, most compatible and effective pair of these low tech tools I've found are Family Constellations and Energy Psychology's body centered routines like EFT, EMDR, TAT, TWR and so on.

(Yeah... I know.... sorry for the alphabet soup...)

There are many other good tools, of course, but these have a peculiarly good fit to what happens on all the different levels.

We Can Look at Dysfunctions
On Any Level as Entangled Wholes

dogwalker untangledThey resemble this picture here. Whether it's personality parts, family members, or departments in a business, the outer rational part is tangled up by damaging overwhelms alive and unacknowledged still in the subconscious social empathy group.

So we use constellation methods to temporarily break out entangled parts, at which point we use energy psychology to give each one the different kind of help it actually needs.

A Gestalt Two or Three Chair Process--
It's Really a Baby Constellation

In the picture above, for instance, you can see what was going on in a client I had. Her outer self was trying to live with a 6 year old inner part that was abused and is in freeze mode, and a 12 year old that raged.

three chairsA minimalist constellation anchored each part in a different chair. Their disputes emerged clearly in the dialogues. The 6 year old tapped on overwhelm, the 12 year old on the rage, and the outer person tapped on her anger at these two causing so much trouble in her daily life.

That's abbreviating a much longer process of course, but it's essentially how she got better. And we did a couple of larger constellations around ancestral stuff as well.

I'll Write You Again Towards
the End of The ACEP Conference

I'll share with you some of what happens when I tell Bruce Lipton, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Dawson Church as I tell them about Constellations. And it will be a final reminder to sign up for the FREE TRIAL CLASS.

Here's a handout for what I'll be covering in that class.

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Seed Time--or Grow a New Future

past behind youWhere is the future anyway? Ask your average speaker of English and he'll say, "Oh, it's out there ahead of us still." Or perhaps, "Well, it's not here just yet." You will also hear folks saying things like, "You've got your whole life in front of you," or else, of a bad experience, "Don't worry, that's all behind you now."

Notice the pattern here? In all these statements, the future is thought of as existing in space, and being located "in front" of us, just as the past is located "behind us." And either we are moving towards where the future is, or else we are holding still and it is moving towards us. "What kind of future are we heading towards?" you ask people.

We Think of Time as a Kind of "Space"

In fact, almost all the ways we have of thinking about time involve "space" concepts we have transferred, by analogy, to the time domain. When measured, times are, are--you guessed it--"long," and "short." Voila! It's space language once again.

be here nowWell, fine--you may say. But so what? However interesting that may be, it's certainly got little to do with my spiritual life, my sense of fulfillment, my happiness here in this body. To which I will answer--hang on! Give me just a "very short time" and perhaps I can change your mind. How can you "be here now," if "now" is not any "where"? Maybe there's a much better way to say that.

Trauma Causes Blurbacks, Mostly--Not Flashbacks

trauma womanWhen prolonged heavy stress or your fight/fight doesn't work, part of your brain shuts down.  How do you heal the lasting effects this can have?

Suppose I told you that, often enough, your feelings and even your perceptions were not in touch with reality?  Would you be concerned?  If so, or if you would like to be more aware when this is happening to friends or family—you need to understand how your brain processes overwhelming experiences. 

It’s very simple really.  And it completely demystifies a word we’ve heard tossed around for decades now.  That word is “trauma.”

Where Trauma Begins

Let’s say you are sitting in your favorite French restaurant (or Thai, if you like) and someone is shot at the table next to you.  The police arrive pretty quickly, though, the gunman is apprehended, and the victim receives only a flesh wound.  A year later, then, without thinking about it, you eat for the first time again some French  (or Thai) cooking, and—you can’t.

french restaurantThe food is tasteless, and you soon feel slightly ill.  You think the ingredients are bad, maybe, and avoid that restaurant. But in fact, as time passes, it happens elsewhere again.  How strange…  You start to become suspicious of what’s going on in the kitchens and ingredient supply chains of local French (or Thai) establishments.

Well, don't be....  Here’s what’s going on...


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