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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Health Happiness & Family Constellations

How Ancestors, Family Systems, and Hidden Loyalties
Shape Your Life--and what YOU Can Do About it

My Important, Easy-to-Read Book About Healing
Your Chronic Emotional and Physical Suffering--
How to REALLY Put it Behind You



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This book provides a very different way to leave chronic suffering behind. Whether it’s emotional or physical, regardless of the diagnosis, much of it is not anchored in you the individual. We suffer with and for those we have loved.  With engaging personal stories, and simple explanations of dramatic transformations, I share with you the missing link in healing.

What gives all of us life, along with our sense of how love comes to us in the world, is a tightly-knit group experience known as THE FAMILY. Regardless of its quality, we bonded to this experience, and remain faithful in hidden ways. Family Constellations reveal and re-align hidden loyalties to unaccepted issues or events in your family’s past that anchor change-resistant problems.

They work directly with the family’s subconscious system, or “soul.” This is actually a collective, transgenerational intelligence that evolved long before rational thinking and individuality. It tends to distribute emotional burdens so that the family can survive. But if we don’t let go of these burdensome bonds in later life, they block our greater health and fulfillment.

This book tells the exciting and important story of how such bonds were formed and now released by constellations. The five simple chapters have excited counseling and healthcare professionals, intelligent people seeking improved health and wellness, and even constellation trainees and their trainers. I reframe the central insights and explain things left previously largely implicit. At once practical, and uniquely theoretical, my book reveals for a much wider range of readers the inner workings of the human family soul.

$16.95 plus $3.00 Shipping US ONLY (Click for INTERNATIONAL)
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Advance Praise for
Health, Happiness, and Family Constellations

Not only is it rare that a cognitive scientist would enter into an alternative method of healing, but Dr. Reddy does so with passion, clarity, and insight. He brings fresh perspectives into the systemic constellation field.  Health, Happiness, and Family Constellations is carefully written for a wide range of readers.  It invites you to involve your heart, mind, and soul in such a way as to leave you knowledgeable, safely open, and gently moved. It is a joy to read a scientific and creative thinker's integration of the systemic constellation work.

—J. Edward Lynch, Ph.D.
Former Chairman, Marriage & Family Therapy Program
Southern Connecticut State University
Author of Princples & Practices of Structural Family Therapy
CoEditor, Messengers of Healing



Reddy brings a scientist's mind and a shaman's heart to this book. In clear language, supported by science and wisdom traditions, he explains something very basic: what gives us life and our first appreciation of love is a tightly knit group experience known as the family. Regardless of how our parents treated us, we remain faithful in hidden ways to the gifts and deficits of our biological lineage.

—Dan Booth Cohen
President, Systemic Constellations Conference and Education
Author of I Carry Your Heart in my Heart--Family Constellations in Prison



Health, Happiness, and Family Constellations is a rich addition to this growing field, as well as a supportive companion for anyone making their journey through life.  For facilitators of the work, it brings expanded languaging of the basic concepts, including the family soul and the cross-generational impact of trauma.  For others, Michael provides a detailed container for creating your own constellation through the construction of an ancestral altar.  By revealing the personal story of the impact of his father and fighter pilot uncle on his own life, Michael invites you to discover privately or with trained help where your own systemic vulnerabilities lie. The pace of the book is gentle, and the cautions are prudent.  It is a wonderful contribution.

—Francesca Mason Boring
Author of Connecting to Our Ancestral Past,
Notes from the Indigenous Field, and Feather Medicine

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The Historic Book Release Party--Oct 2, 2012 (Hear Francesca Mason Boring, Ed Lynch, Dan Booth Cohen, Elizabeth Marshall of Book Breakthrough, Paul Zelizer of Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs share their positive reactions to the book)

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Ed, Dan, Fran, Paul--Speak of the Book

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Fresh Perspectives

"Michael provides new insights and ways of working with Family Constellations I haven't seen before. His gift lies in taking a subject that is rather mysterious and filled with jargon and explaining it in simple, everyday language"

--Larry Kessler


About Home Altar Constellations

I just want to say that I think your altar constellations are absolutely brilliant - on many levels.   Congratulations on that particular creative and clearly very powerful contribution to the world of Constellations and at large. Really beautiful.
--Alison Mezey
Constellation Arts


What Major Authors and Agents are Saying

"Given my years of work with experts in psychology, personal growth, and healing--I highly recommend Michael's book and his online programs."  --Janet Goldstein, Editor, Agent, Author


"I really recommend you get to know Michael Reddy and the incredible work he's doing to help shift and dissolve those hidden relationships that may be holding you back. Michael is one of those brilliant synthesizers you don't meet everyday."
--Elizabeth Marshall

Bestselling Co-Author of THE CONTRARIAN EFFECT


Coaches and Therapists

"Family Constellations are among the most powerful tools I've come across in 25 years of helping people change.  Untill HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & FAMILY CONSTELATIONS, there hasn't been a book I felt comfortable recommending to those wanting a down to earth & easy to implement understanding of it.  Michael has writting it--the book I've been hoping for."
Founder, Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Michael Reddy weaves the perfect blend of theory and practice in his new book as he explains the basics of this fascinating healing modality.  His personal experiences bring the book to life.  I am a newcomer to this approach and I now feel I have a good working knowledge to guide my clients as I refer them to practitioners for work to accompany what I do.
Advanced Reiki, Myofascial, & Craniosacral Therapist