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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Songs Around 2016 Election          





Michael and BobKeynoter Songs at Conferences

ACEP = Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
IONS = Institute of Noetic Sciences

Michael Reddy with Bob Schwarz, executive director of ACEP, make up "The Keynoters."

They write and sing topical, poignant, and funny songs to introduce conference topics and keynote speakers. They've been featured at three ACEP conferences and one IONS conference. 

Consciousness Consciousness--ACEP 2014

It’s Time for Therapy--ACEP 2014

It’s Wounded Healer Time--ACEP 2014

The Paradigm It's a Changin'--IONS 2015

The Map is Not the Territory--IONS 2015

Put Your Heart in the Money (song for Lynne Twist)--ACEP 2016

The Paradigm It’s a Changin’--ACEP 2014

The Polly Vagal Blues--ACEP 2015

The Tunes of Tapping--ACEP 2015

Wake Up Little Thymus--ACEP 2014

fork in trail coverA Fork in the Trail CD
12 songs with something to say (audio)
2002 Post 9/11 Songs
Search Michael Cougar Reddy on iTunes to purchase

A Fork in the Trail (or 9/11)

Blue Earth

Blood On the Snow (for Tibet)

For Fathers and Sons

From Endangered Species

It Ain’t Us

Rational Discourse

Talking Runaway Futureshock Blues

The Rainbow Shuffle

The Wreck of the Rainbow Warrior

Their Fathers’ Sins

Twin Towers Tall

Other Songs

Bareboat Vacation

The Universal Actor

With the Seagulls

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