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Monday June 26, 2017
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"Family Energetics--
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Wed. June 21, 7:30-9pm est


North American Systemic
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Oct. 5-8, 2017 at The Founders Inn,
 Virginia Beach, Va.


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 "Problem, Issue,
Theme--or Solution?"
"5 Facts about Personal
and Ancestral Trauma"

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From Former Students
& Workshop Participants


"With the home altar that I have just done and the second one that I have started, the financial cloud changes. I have done much work around money over the years, but wish to say to you that your home altar process is just so effective. Thank you!"
--Linda H


"I had a chance to take this class and it was amazing. It opened my perceptions of how constellations unfold. If you are a tiny bit curious sign up!"
--Meta Lackland, Constellation Facilitator, Oakland


"It has been a wonderfully thoughtful journey which has helped me to understand in a more cohesive manner. Thank you for all the time, effort and love you obviously put into it" 
--Beth Levine


While I am grateful for learning from several amazing constellation trainers, I felt that some of the core fundamentals were missing from the purely experiential approach.   So again, thank you for providing this kind of conceptual framework in such a user friendly way.  I love that you are involved in Shamanism and have taken that beautiful work into family constellations.
--Lorena Colarusso, Psychotherapist, Stoney Creek, Ontario


"Wanted to compliment you on the fantastic job you did presenting such complex material in such a concise and lucid manner." 
--Cathy Jo Hendricks


"Michael you are brilliant! Thanks for the diagrams... Rock on!" 
--Cathy Lipsky RN, ANP, Hartsdale, NY


"I have spent years and much money in various kinds of treatments and therapy for a chronic disease in my abdomen. Constellation work did what all those long years of therapy and medical treatment didn't."
--KT, Toronto, Ontario


"I came bound to my family of origin through dysfunction and left connected to my ancestors through love and understanding. Michael was a clear facilitator, coming from the heart."
—Lynn Miller, Expressive Arts Therapist

What a Healthcare Professional Says

"Michael weaves the perfect blend of theory and practice while teaching the basics of Family Constellation work. His personal experiences bring the calls to life. I am a newcomer to this modality and I feel I now have a good working knowledge to guide my clients as I refer them to the experts."

--Kevin Koser, LMT, NCTMB
Advanced Myofascial
          Release Therapist

CranioSacral Specialist
Reiki Teaching Master

Fresh Perspectives

"Michael provides new insights and ways of working with Family Constellations I haven't seen before. His gift lies in taking a subject that is rather mysterious and filled with jargon and explaining it in simple, everyday language"

--Larry Kessler


About Home Altar Constellations

I just want to say that I think your altar constellations are absolutely brilliant - on many levels.   Congratulations on that particular creative and clearly very powerful contribution to the world of Constellations and at large. Really beautiful.
--Alison Mezey
Constellation Arts


What Major Authors and Agents are Saying

"Given my years of work with experts in psychology, personal growth, and healing--I highly recommend Michael's book and his online programs."  --Janet Goldstein, Editor, Agent, Author


"I really recommend you get to know Michael Reddy and the incredible work he's doing to help shift and dissolve those hidden relationships that may be holding you back. Michael is one of those brilliant synthesizers you don't meet everyday."
--Elizabeth Marshall

Bestselling Co-Author of THE CONTRARIAN EFFECT


Coaches and Therapists

"Family Constellations are among the most powerful tools I've come across in 25 years of helping people change.  Untill HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & FAMILY CONSTELATIONS, there hasn't been a book I felt comfortable recommending to those wanting a down to earth & easy to implement understanding of it.  Michael has writting it--the book I've been hoping for."
Founder, Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Michael Reddy weaves the perfect blend of theory and practice in his new book as he explains the basics of this fascinating healing modality.  His personal experiences bring the book to life.  I am a newcomer to this approach and I now feel I have a good working knowledge to guide my clients as I refer them to practitioners for work to accompany what I do.
Advanced Reiki, Myofascial, & Craniosacral Therapist