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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Grow Healing Practices

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Butterfly Thumb SquareLearn how to best market, network, and structure a spiritually based healing practice so that it grows and thrives.

As someone involved in the healing arts these days--whether you've included the Family Constellation outlook in your practice yet or not--you are probably an empathic, caring person.  Self promotion likely does not come easily to you, and the standard books and trainings on marketing and networking don't feel right.

Guess what?  You are perfectly aligned to take advantage of an emerging, spiritually based approach to growing a helping/healing business.  From leaders like Michael Port and Paul Zelizer, I've learned and formulated something I call "authentic, selfless self promotion."  I'm teaching and writing about it.

It's probably also true that the tools you use--like constellations, energy psychology, or transformational bodywork--don't fit the mainstream preoccupation with narrow specialists and mechanistic interventions.  Yours is what I call a "new paradigm" healing practice.  Niches and target markets are harder to find, and possibly less useful than if you were selling widgets.

In my new Practice Builder how-to book, an interactive teleclass, private coaching, and elite mastermind groups for those serious about rapid, sustainable growth--I'm helping to open practitioner's hearts and minds to a very effective, deeply spiritual way of working.  About 30% of what I teach relates directly to engaging people successfully with Family Constellations--but the rest applies to any new paradigm helper/healer.

Leave Suffering Behind

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Learn Constellation Skills

Stage 1 Core A Shot 5 Grandma SpeaksMy Teleclasses teach you how to understand and carry out simple family constellations both locally and via phone or . Read More

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