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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Learn Constellation Skills

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Stage 1 Core A Shot 5 Grandma SpeaksMy constellation classes teach you how to understand and carry out simple family constellations both locally and via phone or Skype. The Practice Builder class and Mastermind Group get you making a living with your helping/healing work.

Working with, or even just understanding the perspective of Family Constellations tunes you in to the missing link in so many efforts to get well.  We remain forever also the expressions of our collective family system, and some of our problems are anchored firmly by the subconscious love we bear for those before us whose suffering remained unresolved.

If you are a helping/healing professional, you should know enough about this to spot the kinds of change-resistant blocks that resolve most easily through re-alignments within the ancestral family system.  And in terms of your own life, an ability to carry out simple home altar constellations can be priceless.

I was invited to speak about this at a 500 person conference of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and will be doing so again next year.  As a former cognitive scientist turned shaman and healer, my book and trainings combine both the intuitive and conceptual aspects of constellation work in a way that is rare in the field.

If you are already a trainee or facilitator, constellation teleclasses I offer will complement and strengthen both your understanding and your facilitation skills.  Move into the Practice Builder or Mastermind groups when you want to start supporting yourself with your sacred work.

2016 video training info sheetEach of my classes consist of a series 90 minute sessions held on a premium grade video-conference service (Zoom) that allows for break out groups, polls, and recording. Each session is recorded and posted for participants only on the web, and each class has a private, secret Facebook group for further questions and discussion. Many people, for whom the session times are not always convenient, take the classes anyway and keep up via recordings, emails, and their Facebook groups.  Click HERE for a Catalogue of Classes.

Constellations Core Concepts—This takes you through my Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations book, chapter by chapter, and includes a demonstration constellation in the last class.  It teaches both the systemic perspective and various techniques most often used to carry out constellations.  It is an American cognitive scientist turned shaman’s view of why and how constellations work. 

If you are just getting interested, or have experience representing or facilitating, but don’t feel your understanding and skills are where you would like to see them—this book and this teleclass will provide you with the conceptual grounding that is lacking in many trainings. (Seven weekly sessions, click HERE for dates, details, and descriptions)

Home Altar Constellations—Chapter Four of Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations presents an innovative, shamanically based way of doing your own constellations by yourself at home.  These take place on a dedicated altar, via short visitations over several days or even weeks, using small household objects as representatives. 

This has many advantages, including:  (a) an additional layer of symbolism arising from the characteristics of the differently shaped and sized representatives; (b) freedom from all time, client, or group management pressures; (3) space between visitations for intuitive insights to emerge, and for intuitive abilities to generally grow stronger. 

Participants in this class can submit pictures of their home altars.  These are processed in the class sessions by the whole group, resulting in extremely rich and interesting discussions, insights, and real progress on issues.  Learning to do Home Altar Constellations is an important step in the direction of doing paid private and remote constellations.  Your typical remote client does not have a set of constellation markers or figurines. (Seven weekly sessions, click HERE for dates, details, and schedules)

Phone and Skype Constellations—Just as private, one-on-one and Home Altar constellations expand the range of your services beyond workshops, so remote constellations expand the geographic reach of your offerings vastly beyond your local area.  Yet many potential remote clients are not able to use the higher technologies that make shared visuals of a single setup of representatives possible.  Either they don’t have these tools, or else they are uncomfortable using them. 

Without these, however, the facilitator must often cope with two setups in the two locations, and have at least a reliable way for the client to describe her or his setup accurately.  This class teaches and demonstrates the full range of approaches I take in doing remote constellations constantly with different kinds of clients. 

From low-tech voice only, to shared visuals, to constellations based purely on internal imagery—the why’s and how’s of this important skill are explained and explored.  Participants are encouraged to partner up with another student and practice with each other as the class proceeds.  (Seven weekly sessions, click HERE for dates, details, and schedules)

Constellation Practice Builder—This teleclass takes you, chapter by chapter, through the material in my transformatonal Practice Builder workbook.  In addition to covering the central concepts in each one, you have a chance to question the author, and partner with a colleague in the class to work on the exercises. 

Whether you are starting fresh on the material, or have read the book but not done the exercises, or want to do some of them again with feedback and partners—this experience is a powerful way to begin really mastering the attitudes and tools presented here.  It is also generally a prerequisite for acceptance into one of my small, elite Practice Building Mastermind Groups.  Participation in one of these groups can powerfully accelerate the personal and professional growth that quickly creates a thriving practice. (Seven weekly sessions, click HERE for dates, details, and schedules)

Practice Builder Mastermind Groups—As described in Chapter Nine of the book, small, dedicated mastermind groups focused on quickly growing the businesses of the members provide insight, support, and accountability. There is even a deeper power to manifest progress when it is visualized by a devoted group. 

The format for each session consists of an invocation, a teaching, time focusing on each individual, a summary, and closing intentions.  There are prerequisites for joining one of these groups, including some experience with the material in this book, willingness to commit to regular meetings, a serious attitude towards empowering one’s own growth as well as that of the other members.   (Ongoing, weekly or every other week. Click HERE for dates, details, and schedules, and call me to talk about your interest in the group at 610 469 7588).


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