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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Leave Suffering Behind

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happy-life-300x300Whether it's emotional or physical, I can help you recover and create vibrant health & happiness in your life

I know many of you browsing this page are unsatisfied.  You arrive afflicted with emotional or physical suffering—a chronic variety that hasn't been healed by medical treatments, counseling or coaching, or lifestyle changes you've tried. 

Whether it’s in broken relationships, health problems, career failures, or spiritual disillusionment--some form of suffering persists.   It’s created unwelcome limits in your life, and a futile and discouraging search for solutions only compounds the problem.

The people I work with have not given up, however, and find relief in something genuinely different.  It's a very new form of something very old and very powerful.  Specialists today chop you into pieces.  It’s your colon.  Take an antidepressent.  I’ll fix your liver.  You need cognitive behavioral therapy.  Who has the time or the training to look at you in your wholeness?

But what if it’s precisely the loss of wholeness that is at the root of your suffering?  Scientists now call this wholeness “coherence,” and it is astonishingly powerful.  Lasers are coherent light.  If the parts of you no longer (or never) worked together—dysfunctions will persist.  The work I do with you is based on healing that, on looking at what has happened to your wholeness, and putting YOU back together. 

It will likely surprise you how easy it is to spot the real path towards wonderful improvements in health and happiness this way.  If we include in one simple picture a few emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social aspects of how you live—the problems emerge in the light of your central, guiding passions.  And because they are what create your wholeness, moving through the problems towards those all important passions is surest, easiest path to lasting health and happiness.

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