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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Leave Suffering Behind

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But let’s add another dimension to this idea of wholeness.  Though native cultures have always known this, we also are learning that emotional blocks and physical illnesses are carried forward across generations.  In addition to being an individual, you remain also forever an expression of your family system.  We are inherently social creatures, and our wholeness includes these primal relationships.

Left over loyalties to unresolved issues in your birth family's past can anchor in place these problems that trouble you.  This means some or all of your suffering may not actually be yours.  Out of a kind of blind, childlike love, you subconsciously carry a parent or ancestor’s pain for them.  What would happen if you could see, feel, and shift these hidden loyalties?

With my life being destroyed several years ago by severe, unexplained, untreatable, ultimately crippling foot pain--my experience with this was life saving.  This family connection was the missing link in all the work I had ever done on myself.  I was carrying my father’s World War II trauma, and feeling in my feet what he could not afford to feel in his.  Constellations freed me from this loyalty and my body healed.  Opt in to my newsletter, and you can read about this in a free chapter of the book I wrote on the subject.

To my work with you, I bring a long lifetime of experience and a number of different tools.  Read about them here.  I also help you coordinate the work of other healthcare professionals.  But subconscious family loyalties turn out to be the missing link in a great many peoples’ chronic suffering.  So constellation work I do with you is a major breathrough for all of us.

You CAN heal your chronic emotional or physical suffering.  Coherence—restoring YOU to greater wholeness is the key—not pushing on this or that isolated part of you to look statistically “normal.”  But don't take my word for it.  Check me out.  Call me directly (610 469 7588), email, friend me on Facebook, take one of my teleclasses, or read some of my books and articles here.  Look at the testimonials.   

You have nothing to lose but some painful limitations.  Did you know that supercooled electrons become coherent and move without any resistance through wires?  What if you could become coherent and move without any resistance through your life?

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