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Thursday June 29, 2017
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WholeFamily Constellations

heartshadowUsing this unique and caring approach, we uncover the bonds to unresolved family and ancestral experiences that have kept you unhealthy, unsuccessful, or too much alone.  You will separate your own fate from that of those who came before you, and experience a new emotional awareness--one that heals and supports both your personal well-being and a healthy connection to family. 

For me personally, this amazing work was the missing link in a long series of efforts to get really well.

Leftover loyalties to events and issues in your birth family's past are affecting your life for better or for worse.  This is a major advance in our understanding of what supports or blocks your life, and getting a picture of it is relatively easy. 

Families form a trans-generational, systematic dynamic, or “soul,” in which the needs of the group come before those of the individual. Roles you play in that group persist into later life, and may or may not support your individual health and happiness. Constellation work reveals deep, often hidden loyalties. It helps you realign your family systems, so that ancestral love flows and supports  your current success.

WholeFamily Constellations are a method for revealing and re-aligning those hidden loyalties. Diseases, chronic conditions or problems, mysteriously persistent failures of many kinds are being changed strikingly for the better with this work.

Successful constellations take place via Skype, over the phone, in face-to-face one-on-one’s, and in a group workshop setting. What drives the process is a client “issue”—something significant that needs to change for the better. After a short series of general questions relating to this issue and the family (including recent ancestors), representatives are set out in some pattern intuitively by the client. These might be figurines, when on the phone, colored footprints, in the face-to-face setting,  or else, in a workshop, actual people chosen by the client from those attending. This “constellation” resonates somehow with your family system and, typically, a dynamic becomes clear. As it does, the facilitator begins taking steps to resolve it.  FAQs


Some Examples of
HiddenLoyalties that Anchor Suffering
Shifted via Family Constellations




Persistent Migraines

Don’s migraines go away when he resolves his hidden loyalty to an uncle who, at the age of four, fell down a stairway, hit his head, and died of a concussion.

¤Instead of grieving, Grandma and Grandpa fought over which of them was responsible.  Should he have fixed the stair-rail sooner?  Or should she have watched the child more carefully? Don’s body did the grieving for them.¤ 




Public Speaking Phobia

Rising executive John’s incurable panic at presentations vanishes when he discovers a hidden loyalty:  a grandfather was crippled lecturing about explosives.

¤John’s grandfather was explaining safe usage of grenades to recruits when a faulty one exploded.  He was both crippled and shamed by this. John’s phobia “remembered” his grandfather’s tragedy--lectures can destroy your life.¤ 




Bouts with Mental Illness

Ann’s severe depressions clear up when she releases her subconscious bond to a great aunt--sent secretly to an asylum and then lied about to family members

¤Before 1940, families often tried to cover up insanity in their midst.  Although the aunt was actually institutionalized, descendents were told that she had died young. Ann’s depressions “remembered” the family’s failure of love.¤ 




Asthma and COPD

Don’s life-threatening respiratory problems finally respond to treatment and stabilize when he releases hidden loyalty to a brother who suffocated during birth

¤He was called “Don” as a “replacement child” for this immediate older brother whose umbilical cord failed during the delivery. His condition expressed Mom’s buried grief, and his difficult life as a memorial to a dead person.¤




Cannot Love a Man

Beth’s avoidance of any man she starts to love goes away when she releases her loyalty to both a mom and a grandma who could not be close to the man they loved .

¤Grandma was not allowed to marry her long time sweetheart.  Mom, out of loyalty to her, could not open up to her husband, although she actually did love him.  Beth inherited the pattern “you can’t have any man you love,” and so avoids love. She was true to the shared fate of the line of women to which she belongs.¤


The initial  effects of a single constellation are usually felt over a period of a few weeks. At the same time, a particularly powerful session may provoke immediate change. This work is particularly good at resolving issues that have resisted other approaches.

  • Chronic health conditions that don’t diagnose eaily or respond well to treatments should be looked at from your ancestral, family system perspective. Doing so is inexpensive, risk free, and very often either relieves the condition, or else makes formerly useless treatments effective.
  • The same is true for ongoing, or repeated problems in relationships, career, or business. Constellations can radically shift both your emotional and intellcctual perspective on the problem.

Constellations reveal and re-align some kind of underlying reality that holds family and organizational groups together. Ants or bees, we are not. But, at the same time, we mature and survive deeply enmeshed in various collectives. Our highly individualistic society tends to overlook this aspect of our nature.

That we can look at and shift patterns on this collective level has come to light only in the last 25 years. Doing so sets in motion a series of positive, often uncanny shifts in the way family members relate, our body responds, and important events in our lives unfold.

Constellation work is not a fad, or a panacea. At the same time, it appears to be the missing link in many people’s efforts to recover, grow, and transform. And compared to other modalities, it is easy and inexpensive to explore.

Sometimes, coaching is appropriate or even needed after a constellations, other times not. In many other cases, constellations become a very useful tool in an ongoing coaching relationship.

Group Workshops | on phone or in person: One-on-One’s
FAQs on Constellation Work


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What People Say

“Your Family Constellation coaching opened me up in a way I could not have imagined. I recommend what you offer to those looking to make positive changes in their life—especially when they find that something is inexplicably holding them back.   —Barry Epstein, Washington, DC  (More Testimonials)