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Thursday June 29, 2017
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Shamanic and Spiritual Tools

healing_heart001Does your dilemma have a spiritual dimension?  Are you strongly connected to the natural world?  Do you mourn the damage to the Mother Earth and find yourself resonating perhaps a little too much with the losses She is suffering at human hands? 

Do the ancient curative aspects of fire, dreams, journeys, meditations, healing-hands, drums, dance, or just plain being outdoors feel important to your path?

Or have you been committed to mainstream religious activity, but find your current condition has really challenged your faith in a benevolent divine energy--regardless of your precise religious orientation? 

I was raised a fervant Catholic, spent seven years seriously committed to Zen Buddhism and martial arts, and eventually found both renewed health and an Earth-based home in the animistic "spiritual ecology" of North American shamanism.  I deal with spiritual matters in a way that includes all religions.

The integral wholeness that is vibrant health wants to belong to some kind of larger meaning for life.  My decades-long exploration of different paths to this kind of meaning adds a strong, but very open-minded dimension to the healing arts I employ in working with you. 

If what you are going through has at times the feeling of a "dark night of the soul"--I am a compassionate,  no-nonsense trail guide.  I've had that "too long in the wasteland" feeling.

Where appropriate, I can put a number of time-tested shamanic tools to work in helping you to recover from chronic physical or emotional suffering.  As my native teachers would put it, every state of "dis-ease" has both and "outside" and an "inside."  Inside are the deeper attachments that anchor or drive the problem.  These are on what we call the "soul level."  Some of the shamanic tools I use in accessing and shifting this level are:

  • Journey Work--in guided meditations, I help you call helpful guides out of symptoms, or different parts of your body, or aspects of your situation.  Often I am doing this myself for you while we pursue changes on the "outside."  
  • Healing Hands--I am a second degree Reiki master. By Native training, I am able to cleanse your energy fields, where appropriate, with my hands, or with feathers that have come to me for this purpose.
  • Sacred Fire and Drumming--I will at times use rituals involving fire in a sacred circle, or drumming, or circular movement around the fire to bring you into resonance with the enormous healing and transformative energies of the Earth.
  • Dream Interpretation--through I process that I call "slow intuition" important meanings of significant dreams you have come through to me. I can also help you do dreamwork on your own.
  • Vision Quest--Sometimes a period of 24 hours or longer outdoors, with only a tent, a fire to tend, water (and, where fasting is appropriate, little or no food) will bring clarity around major directions in life like nothing else.  I can arrange for and guide you in such experiences.

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What People Say

"I have done a ton of personal growth work over the last 20 years. But none of it seemed to prepare me adequately for my experience of the dark night of the soul during 2009!

"Thank spirit that you introduced me to Family Constellation work in September. Your knowledge, patience, insight, and compassion guided me to healing the energy I had been holding on to from my ancestors around scarcity and abandonment." 

Rusty Stewart, Ph.D, Personal Growth Alternatives, Inc.

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